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Scorebusters was formed in 1988, and began offering private in-home tutoring for the SAT and LSAT to students on the north shore of Long Island. We offer tutoring in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, NY.

At Scorebusters, we are committed to maintaining our high standards of excellence, even if it means losing potential revenue. We are particularly selective in hiring tutors, each of whom undergoes extensive training and student teaching. We also believe firmly that one-on-one instruction is far superior to classroom teaching when it comes to teaching standardized tests, even though it is much less lucrative.

Our philosophy is to take the best of conventional teaching techniques, and supplement them with methods that are specifically aimed at the one-to-one scenario, as well as the kinds of skill-based questions typical of standardized exams.

Finally, two of our favorite slogans are "Be encouraging," and "Keep it simple."




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