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SAT Tutoring | Best SAT Course | Scorebusters
Test prep programs designed by former neuroscientist
Jon Siegelman, Ph.D.

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35 years in development
Extensive knowledge of tests
Teaching techniques optimized for 1-on-1
Individualized curricula and teaching techniques
Ability to read students honed over decades



Live 1-on-1 tutoring, serving Nassau and Suffolk Counties, NY

Remote Online Tutoring

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How do you find the best SAT course? Seek word-of-mouth recommendations. Speak to a representative of the company to get the measure of their SAT tutoring techniques. Above all, speak to the SAT tutor before you sign up. Many companies have experienced owners, but they hire inexperienced tutors. A brief SAT course does not transform someone into an accomplished SAT tutor.

It is also worth inquiring what the tutor will be paid. If the rates you pay are high, but the SAT tutor only receives $20/hr, how effective is your SAT course likely to be?

At Scorebusters, we provide only the best SAT / ACT / LSAT / etc. tutors. We would rather turn away students than provide an inferior course. We might lose some money in the short run, but our reputation will remain intact.

Feel free to click on our links for Scorebusters SAT tutoring, LSAT tutoring, etc. But the information on these pages is minimal, so we encourage you to call us if you're interested in live or remote tutoring.


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