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A statement from Jon Siegelman, President of Scorebusters:

"Several years ago, I was teaching for one of the big name test prep services (whose initials are P.R. :), and I was asked to teach their LSAT course. I immediately recognized that the program could be considerably improved upon. I proposed to rewrite the course, whereupon I was offered $10 per hour to do so. Shortly afterwards, I left them and founded Scorebusters."

Today's Scorebusters LSAT program has evolved out of Jon Siegelman's course, which was first written in 1988. Our methods reach far beyond mere problem solving skills, and include interactive analysis of the student's mental state during the different phases of the exam.

The LSAT is unusual in that quite a wide variety of skills are assessed in the three types of sections. Our course is predicated on the belief that the methods best suited to solve the various questions differ from student to student.




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