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Our students' score increases for our private PSAT/SAT and PLAN/ACT programs far outshine those of the "big name" courses. How can we accomplish that? To begin with, we match a tutor to your specific needs. Then we design a personalized curriculum just for you, which can be modified as you progress.

Scorebusters' tutors employ our unique method of Interactive Tutoring, a system developed by our company over the course of many years. As its name implies, this system is based on the concept of teaching as a two-way experience.

Most SAT/ACT teachers spend a lot of time reviewing tests, telling their students that "this is the way to solve question number 17." We recognize that it is imperative to first determine why you've missed a particular question, and then explain the solution that is appropriate for you. Often that solution has nothing to do with English or math!

Scorebusters offers comprehensive PSAT/SAT and PLAN/ACT courses, or a limited number of lessons for those students who need instruction only for particular areas of the test. We can also modify the number of lessons given based on your progress.



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